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Shoebox Money

KKFI Sessions (Live)

fall 2017

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While this project has been around since early 2015, a combination of lineup changes, hiatuses, and growth both as musicians and people has caused the band to really transform over time. Returning from a 9 month hiatus at the start of 2017, Shoebox Money found a lineup that really works and discovered their sound with original members Patrick and Ben W. (Bass and lead guitar/harmonica) paired with new members Ben S. and Dylan (vocals/rhythm guitar and drums) they created the strongest lineup the project has ever had. Drawing equally from classic rock and blues as well as post garage rock revival and alt punk, these indie rockers produce theory driven music and put on high energy live shows. The new lineup had a successful Spring, playing shows with other Lawrence bands Hireth, the Red and Blues, and Sunflower Native, having a prominent spot at the University Festival Pearson Rock-A-Thon, and even making it up to Chicagoland area to play with the touring Canadian band the Wilderness. Currently, the band is gigging around Kansas with a few trips out of state planned for the near future. The band is planning on releasing a live demo soon and is currently shopping around recording studios to produce their debut EP.

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